Alaskan Caskets: Providing Comfort in Your Time of Loss

There are few moments in life more challenging than when a loved one passes.  It is a time to honor a life lived.  A casket is a central piece to honoring this transition. If you are mourning the loss of a loved one, or are planning your future to make this transition easier for your loved ones, let Alaska Coffins, supplied by Holy Archangel Liturgical Supply assist you.

Casket Options

The artisan quality of a hand hewn Alaskan Caskets

  • Our caskets are handmade.
  • We use pine, a pure, simple wood that speaks to Alaskans spirit. The casket is adorned with your choice of Orthodox cross, simple cross or plain.
  • Standard stain is a walnut stain (pictured), natural and redwood stains also available with two weeks advance notice.
  • One standard size  81.5″ X 32.5″ X 20″
  • In the state of Alaska they are available for immediate pickup from our dealer at  Ph. (907) 279-5477
  • Price: $2200
  • For orders outside the state of Alaska please contact us directly. Shipping to anywhere in the continental US is $1000

Burial Shroud Kit

Burial Shroud kit with printed text in church Slavonic, including: one burial shroud, an icon to be placed in casket, a cross to be placed in casket, and a laminated and printed sheet of prayers in Slavonic.


Burial Shroud kit comes complimentary with your purchase of a casket.

About the Craftsmen

Our caskets are built by Alaskan craftsmen, for Alaskans.  Our goal is to make a beautiful, simple, affordable casket that can be supplied across Alaska.   We are committed to moving beyond the standard model of expensive caskets and creating a product that is elegant, simple and locally made.


Our caskets are supplied by Holy Archangel Supply, the diocesen for Alaska Orthodox churches for over 20 years.


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